Liberating families from generations of lack of self

When we first think of having children, we think of all the wonderful things we want to share with them. The fun things we want to do, the memories we want to create, the new traditions and the old. We want to share everything we know about the world with them and teach them what is good and right and positive and how to avoid things that will hurt them. We (foolishly) think that we’ll be able to mold them into all of the best aspects of ourselves and they will become even better versions of…

Of whom? Us? Themselves? Previous generations?

No! These little ones, these young people, they are uniquely themselves, their own distinct expression of humanity arriving for the first time on the planet. Yet—they inherit not just all those wonderful aspects we hoped to imprint on them. Check here house cleaning services Annapolis. Throughout childhood as the whole-person is shaped emotionally, physically, spiritually, psychologically, even financially, the child does not go unscathed by our negative influences as well.

We impose, sometimes consciously but often unconsciously, our own fears, insecurities, concerns, prejudices, misconceptions, assumptions and maladaptive behaviors, such that a child arriving “free” in the world to be, do, have, is essentially saddled with parental baggage in addition to their own by the time they reach adulthood. Find here an experienced property management rentals service.

Which is why we started Evolve Parenting. To celebrate this precious moment in time called childhood and to expand the possibilities of what it means to be parents and children—without limitations—and to support that experience in any way that we can.

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