Whatever the age and stage of our children, we strive to be the best parents we can be and to nurture our children to their fullest potential. Yet often our children are limited by our own programming and what we imprint upon them, whether consciously or not.

Is Your Child Wired To:

  • Get into abusive relationships?
  • Behave in self-destructive ways?
  • Give up their dreams for the sake of others?
  • Have poor health?
  • Struggle financially?
  • Have poor self-esteem?

Attachment style is one of many examples of how we program our children based on our own programming. It’s an area of focus here at Evolve Parenting because of its profound effect on kids and who they become as young adults in relationship to others and as parents themselves. We also recognize the lasting effects of attachment style on you as a parent—down in the trenches as we speak—which is why we provide invaluable workshops, resources and connections to help you “evolve” your parenting game. Find out more about our educational offerings.

About Jamie

“I notice how childhood experiences and upbringing continue to inform our interactions and relationships throughout the years, and I am always fascinated by our ability as human beings to grow and change at any phase of life. My vision for this organization is that parents are informed, aware, and as free of their own self-limitations as possible so that their children can live into their happiest and most fulfilling potential—and so that theirs after them can, too.” – JAMIE HIRSCH, FOUNDER, EVOLVE PARENTING